Scratch Golf Group - Monday, Friday & Saturday at Sun City Grand.
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1. Team Score:  1 BB Gross + 1 BB Net.  Scratch Skins.  Low Gross & Low Net & ties wins a skin each day.  Low Gross & Low Net cannot be the same player on day of play.

2. Will draw for missing player in a foursome before matches and player can then buy into 2nd team for $5

3. Scoring: 4 man teams - 1/4 team point for all players having a GROSS par or better on same hole.
                  3 man teams - 1/3 team point for all players having a GROSS par or better on same hole.

4. If teams scores are tied at the end of the day, a playoff will occur as follows:
   A. Lowest Team score starting on the #1 handicap hole and then # 2, etc.
   B. If still tied, The lowest front 9 score wins, then lowest back 9 wins.
   C. If still tied, $$ will be shared.

5. If a person leaves before collecting their winnings, the winnings go to the TD (Chapman) to help pay for our Web site.

6. Payouts (assumes 4 players/team)
    a. 2 teams,   $80: 1st Place team - $40,  Skins - $40
    b. 3 teams, $120: 1st Place team - $60,  2nd Place team - $20 , Skins - $40
    c. 4 teams, $160: 1st Place team - $60,  2nd Place team - $40,  Skins - $60
    d. 5 teams, $200: 1st Place team - $80,  2nd Place team - $40,  3rd Place team - $20, Skins - $60

7.  Official Rules of Golf apply, except as modified below
      A.  Must putt everything out
      B.  Must record total score on every hole if in low gross or low net (otherwise, max of two over)
      C.  No Club limit
      D.  "One inch" rocks - player may play ball as it lies or with a penalty of one (1) stroke,
      drop the ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball crossed the margin of the area of
      "one inch" rocks no closer to the hole
E.  Free drop from divot in own fairway
      F.  Ball will be played down except during transition period in Fall and Spring

8. A player cannot have strokes on par 3s. Maximum handicap is 14.  Handicaps are calculated based on best 4 of last 8 rounds. 
A detailed explanation of the Scratch Golf Group handicap system may be obtained by clicking here.

9. Play handicaps just like the men's club rules for Yellow & White tees; strokes will be
subtracted from Yellow tee players - 2 Stokes on Cim & GFS & 3 Stokes on DS & GFN. This rational is based on the course rating differentials as shown below for any set of tees.  I have also extended this concept for players playing from the Yellow-Red & Red Tees  See the loss of strokes when moving from the White tees to other tees below.  This is Men's course rating from the YR & R tees and not the women's course rating.